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Natural treatment for autism in Children. Autism Recovery method

Natural treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, and schizophrenia
Autism Recovery method

Every child is different
Each story is unique

Uncertainty and a sense of desperation are inherent in those who are only at the beginning of the journey …
What’s next?
Further — non-stop, very intense search for successful stories and verified solutions
A lot of work, a lot of people, a lot of specialists and a lot of expenses …
And the only goal is to find a light at the end of the tunnel and that there was strength to break through to catch it …
Everyone who is affected by the syndrome should have their own loophole
Where and what — depends on many different and individual factors, embedded in each case
But one of them is especially important for everyone — the time factor
When it comes to early childhood autism, it’s worth hurrying
It is necessary to strain to have time to jump out, before his «tight doors» slammed or painfully, injuring for a long time …
The earlier the autism is diagnosed in a child, and the earlier the most effective therapeutic methods have been selected, the better the chances of recovery and victory!

Biomedical recovery of the body and the recovery system is a complex science that can be studied for years
Most children with developmental delays have

Low immunity
Gut and Psychology Syndrome (autistic enterocolitis)
Heavy Metal Detoxification (toxicity)

Our program for developmental delays in children

Cerebral palsy
Down Syndrome and others

Basis of recoverybiomed autism

Methods that really work and are as safe as possible for children

A special diet based on the diet GFCF

«-» we remove about 20 products, which at the beginning of the program are poorly digested by autistic individuals or contribute to behaviors in autism
«+» We introduce rare and useful products, of which you may have heard very little

Bee products
It restores disturbed metabolic biochemical processes in the body and replenishes what is now poorly produced: amino acids, vitamins, and minerals

Other therapies of your choice
In the program, you can learn about the most effective therapies and get answers to questions from other parents

Our community

Parent chat on Skype for

instant response to a difficult situation
moral support of each other
detailed analysis of the mechanisms and causes of processes in the child’s body
useful acquaintances

Reviews and stories of moms who are going with us today, where I note improvements, worsening !!! and the course of recovery

How to begin recovery of childrenautism

Applications write to mail elenamelnik.ua@gmail.com

If you have any questions, please write to me at any messenger



skype e-tentorium

All payments are one-time and for the whole period of work with parents

In any program, I draw up a contract with the Tentorium Company for you to purchase products at wholesale prices

Program 1

Only protocol Tentorium                                                100 €

A program of safe and effective products
Control of introduction
Materials for the diet search in written articles on the site yourself
Understanding the whole system, in this case, can be obtained within 3 years and more

Not effective enough for complete recovery, since toxins continue to come from food!!


Program 2

Full recovery program                                                       300 €

Parental Chat
Consultations on a diet and really working therapies
Protocol Tentorium
Access to private materials on the site
Closed group on Facebook
Unlimited time for support on any issues


Individual program                                                               On request

Full recovery program
Individual communication 3 months

Additional expensesgestures and the american money

It is important to take into account the monthly investments

hard-to-reach expensive food (100€ monthly minimum)
products Tentorium on full protocol monthly (200-250€)
numerous rehabilitation therapies (from 200€ to 4000€ per 1 course)
and tests with consultations of doctors (at your choice)

About the diet!

Today, diet and organic vitamins are the basis for recovery
Any serious therapy is associated with a system of detoxification, anНикола Антонуччи отзывы доктор Autismo malattia del Corpo, non della Mente аутизм причины лечение излечение барокамера бгбк диета Nicola Antonucci DAN! 38d, therefore, toxins can be eliminated from the body as good as possible
With autism and epilepsy, a number of diets are proposed that will restore the affected bowel
Given my experience of vegan and raw food, as well as knowledge of the intestinal infants of these children, I will recommend the most harmless foods
Improving digestion, there is more strength in cleaning and establishing the right metabolism in children’s bodies

Look at the seminar plan for six months HERE

Recovery times

A number of years — approximately
Calculated from the experience of parents who make the maximum of therapies for children in their situation

An easy form of autism, ADHD and other      —     From 2 to 4 years

Severe form of autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy    —    From 4 to 10 years and more

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments under this article or send an e-mail to elenamelnik.ua@gmail.com

The misfortune has come — the person has generated it, the happiness has come — the person has grown it

Welcome to the world of good health!

The information presented on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness
You should always talk with your doctor before adding any supplements to your regimen

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